Halls Gap Jazz Festival

One of the highlights of the year - a weekend not to be missed. It is held on the second weekend in February each year.

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Instagrampians Short Film - Over 3000 images were posted on Instagram during spring 2013 showcasing the natural beauty of the Grampians Region. Here are some of the favourites!

Walking the Northern Grampians  
Walking the Southern Grampians
5 Great Walks around Marwood  

Walking the Northern Grampians  


... relics from a bygone era and brilliant wildflower displays

Distance: 2.4 km return              Time: 1-1½ hours       Elevation change: 40 metres

Grade: easy                             

Start: Heatherlie Quarry car park on Mt. Zero Rd

Heatherlie Quarry, nestled at the base of Mt. Difficult Range, is a great place for families to explore. A gentle uphill stroll through a woodland of native pines, banksias and eucalypts leads to on-site information. Follow the sign posted track around the quarry's weathered rock faces, abandoned stone huts and long-disused machinery. The return walk via Heatherlie township initially follows the former railway line to Stawell. Follow 'street signs through bushland back to the car park.


... spectacular during the spring wildflower season

Distance: 2.8 km return              Time: 1-1½ hours      Elevation change: 110 meters

Grade: medium                        

Start: Beehive Falls Car park, Roses Gap Road

A gently undulating walking track follows Mud Hut Creek upstream, to a series of rock steps and on to Beehive Falls (best after rain). Enjoy the pretty rock pools and ferns. The base of the falls makes a peaceful resting spot. Return via the same route.


... an Aboriginal cultural site

Distance: 1 km return                 Time: 20 40 minutes   Elevation change: 30 meters

Grade: easy                             

Start: Hollow Mountain Car park

A short uphill stroll leads to Gulgurn Manja Shelter meaning Hands of Young People. Signs tell some of the stories and legends of the Jardwadjali people and the mountains they call Gariwerd. The local Aboriginal communities welcome visitors here to learn about their culture and heritage. Please respect Gulgurn Manja. Return by the same route.


... spectacular rock formations and views

Distance: 2.2 km return              Time: 1-1½ hours      Elevation change: 158 meters

Grade: medium-hard                 

 Start: Hollow Mountain Car park

Follow the sign-posted track through a densely vegetated gully to start climbing through a woodland of banksias, grass-trees, native pines and eucalypts. The track then leads you to the base of an iron-stained cliff. Its a steep and strenuous climb through fallen boulders and along exposed ledges to a sparsely vegetated rocky outcrop. A short uphill scramble completes the climb to the wind-scoured caverns of Mount Wudjub­guyan (Hollow Mountain), with views overlooking Mt Stapylton and the Wimmera plains. Return by the same route.


... a steep climb for the adventurous family

Distance: 2.8 km return                Time: 1-1 ½ hours    Elevation change: 151 meters

Grade: medium                          

Start: Mt Zero Picnic Area

From the picnic area, carefully cross the Halls Gap Mt Zero Road to the sign-posted walking track. Track markers guide you up the rocky hillside. Near the top of the ridge the track becomes steeper a hand rail will help you up the rocky steps to the summit. Views of Mt Stapylton and the surrounding Wimmera plains are some of the best in the area, Return by the same route.


... a rugged strenuous walk with panoramic views

Distance: 4.6 km return        Time: 2- 2½ hours      Elevation change: 278 meters

Grade: hard                                 

Start: Mt Zero Picnic Area

This walk, suitable for fit and energetic walkers, can involve water crossings, slippery track surfaces, rock hopping and rock scrambling. Signs and track markers guide the way up the steep rock slope of Flat Rock to a splendid vantage point overlooking a natural amphitheatre. The track descends briefly to the base of the impressive Taipan Wall before continuing its steady climb along terraces to a track intersection. Follow signs and track markers on the final steep ascent, which involves some rock hopping and scrambling past a wind scoured cave. The view from the summit is spectacular, taking in much of the park and surrounding plains. Return by the same route.


... a memorable walk for the fit and adventurous

Distance: 12.2 km circuit           Time: 5-5 ½ hours    Elevation change: 230 metres

Grade: hard                                     

Start: Stapylton Campground

This walk, suitable for fit and energetic walkers, can involve water crossings, slippery track surfaces, rock hopping and rock scrambling. A sign posted walking track leads through dense scrub and crosses Pohlner Road, continuing to a track intersection. Turn right and begin the steady climb up the timbered slopes.

Signs and track markers guide you over exposed rocky outcrops and through forested gullies. The final steep climb involves some rock hopping and scrambling over rock ramps. The summit views are spectacular, taking in much of the park and surrounding plains.

Return to the last intersection and follow the sign toward Mt Zero Picnic Area. The track follows water-etched rock terraces flanked by low vegetation, and leads into natural amphitheatre. Continue to a sign posted track intersection which will direct you back to Stapylton Campground.


... an Aboriginal camping place

Distance: 300 metre circuit           Time: 10 minutes        Elevation change: 1 metre

Grade: easy                               

Start: Stapylton Campground

The walk from the car park to Ngamadjidj Shelter is short and suitable for people with limited mobility. This self-guided walk gives an insight into the culture and heritage of the local Aboriginal people.

This is an important Aboriginal rock art site. Please treat Ngamadjidj with respect. More information about local Aboriginal heritage is available at Brambuk - The National Park & Cultural Centre at Halls Gap.

Walking the Southern Grampians

The sculptured sandstone peaks of the Southern Grampians loom like sentinels above a patchwork of farmland and the nearby Rocklands Reservoir. The colours, shapes and textures of the Southern Grampians combine to create an impressive landscape.


...panoramic views of the surrounding ranges

Distance: 7 km return         Time: 2½ - 3 hours   Elevation change: 343 meters

Grade: hard                    

Start: Intersection of Grampians Tourist Road and Victoria Valley Road

This walk, suitable for fit and energetic walkers, can involve water crossings, slippery track surfaces and rock hopping. Follow the path up through open woodland. Several steep sections lead through rocky terrain and stunted vegetation towards the top. The summit offers panoramic views of the surrounding ranges and volcanic plains, and over Dunkeld, gateway to the southern Grampians. Return by the same route.


...a strenuous hike to spectacular views

Distance: 6.5 km return Time: 2½ - 3 hours    Elevation Change: 457 meters

Grade: hard                

Start: Mt Abrupt Car park, Grampians Tourist Road

This walk, suitable for fit and energetic walkers, can involve water crossings, slippery track surfaces, rock hopping and rock scrambling. A steep track winds its way through heathy woodland to a ridge. Follow the ridge over rock slabs and stunted vegetation to the summit for one of the most spectacular views of the national park. Return by the same route.


...high peaks with great views

Distance: 2.4 km return     Time: 1 - 1 ½ hours   Elevation Change: 128 meters

Grade: easy - medium

Start: Piccaninny Car park, Grampians Tourist Road 1.3 km north of Victoria Valley Road intersection

A gradual climb through open forest with an under storey of hakea, grevillea and banksia – colourful during spring. The summit gives excellent views of Mt Abrupt (Mt Murdadjoog) and the nearby town of Dunkeld with its surrounding pastoral landscape.


...a spectacular spot for sunrise or sunset

Distance: 3.6 km return    Time: 1 – 1 ½ hours    Elevation Change: 247 meters

Grade: medium

Start: Mt William Car park

A sealed road, closed to public vehicles, climbs steeply from the car park to the summit. At 1167 meters, Mt William is the highest point in the park. Stunted eucalypts give way to fantastic views of mountains ranges and open plains. Return by same route.

Be prepared for cold and windy conditions.

5 Great Walks around Marwood  


...Views, trees and wildlife. Suitable for prams

Distance           -           7km circuit

Time                 -           1.5 hours

Start                 -           Halls Gap shops

Grade               -           medium

Follow the footpath from the Halls Gap shops walking south past the petrol station. Cross Grampians Road opposite the Visitor Information Centre and continue walking south past the Mountain Grand Guest House, Glen St, Hill St, Silversprings Road and Young Road. Approximately 200 meters from Brambuk The National Park & Cultural Centre the path crosses Grampians Road. Seating is provided at numerous intervals along the track.

Return to Halls Gap via Fyans Valley and Tandara Road. The walking track starts at the Stone Sculpture which is located between buildings at Brambuk The National Park & Cultural Centre. Follow the track in a northerly direction until the track intersects with Tandara Road. Turn left and walk Grampians Road where the footpath leads back to the Halls Gap town centre.


...A chance to view kangaroos

Distance           -           2.5km circuit

Time                 -           40 minutes

Start                 -           Brambuk The National Park & Cultural Centre

Grade               -           easy

When walking to the Cultural Centre from the National Park building turn left before you cross the wetlands. Walk past the stone sculpture, the new building works, and the helipad. Continue along the walking path to Tandara Road. Cross the creek and follow the track in a southerly direction. After passing the Boomerang Throwing Area you will cross another bridge across Fyans Creek which returns you the Brambuk - The National Park & Cultural Centre precinct.


...Wonderful vegetation and rock formations

Distance           -           7.0km circuit

Time                 -           2.0 hours

Start                 -           Marwood

Grade               -           medium

From Marwood walk to Delleys bridge.  Cross Delleys bridge on the right hand side of the bridge. Follow the walking track along Fyans Creek to Tandara Rd. Walk down Tandara Rd to Grampians Rd, cross the road and turn right and follow the footpath back through the Halls Gap Town Centre.


...A wonderful views. Suitable for prams

Distance           -           750 meters return

Time                 -           30 minutes

Start                 -           The Observation Tower @ Lake Bellfield, 5km south of Halls Gap

Grade               -           easy

This is a flat track across the reservoir wall with wonderful views of Fyans Valley and Mt. William and Wonderland Ranges.


 ...A shady stroll. Suitable for prams.

Distance           -           1.4 km one way

Time                 -           30 minutes

Start                 -           Town Centre

Grade               -           easy

FTurn right out of the gate, cross Delleys bridge and take the walking track on the left hand side of Grampians Road. There are great views of the Mt. Difficult range and a chance to see wildlife.